Patents and Intellectual Property

Prairie AquaTech works to protect its intellectual property through patents, both domestic and internationally.
The patents listed below pertain to products developed by South Dakota Innovation Partners on behalf of Prairie AquaTech.
This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).


US Pat. No.: US 9370200 B2 (United States)

EP Pat. No.: EP 2785855 B1 (European Union, including France, Great Britain, and Germany)

CN Pat. No.: CN 104321438 B (China)

CL Pat. No.: CL 58.850 (Chile)

HK Pat. No.: HK 1202897 B (Hong Kong)

IL Pat. No. 232941 (Israel)

JP Pat. Nos.: JP 6243848 B2 and JP 66422474 B2 (Japan)


Patent Applications (Pending)

BR Pat. App. No.: BR 6243848 A1 (Brazil)

CA Pat. App. No.: CA 2857667 A1 ( Canada)

CN Pat. App. No.: CN 2017110273085 (China) (D)

EG Pat. App. No.: EG PCT 882/2014A1 (Egypt)

IL Pat. App. No.: IL 275345 (Israel) (D)

IN Pat. App. No.: IN 4931CHN2014 A (India)

KR Pat. App. No.: KR10-20190077104  A (South Korea)

KR Pat. App. No.: KR10-20197017418 A (South Korea) (D)

US Ser. No.: US 15151599 (US Pub. No.: 2016/0249638 A1) (United States)

US Ser. No.: US 16918,831 (US Pub. No.: 2020/0329733 A1) (United States) (C)