Prairie AquaTech was founded with the mission to provide better ingredients for better feed and food. We adhere closely to our company values of safety, quality, respect, transparency, and innovation.

At Prairie AquaTech, we produce powerful plant-based nutritional ingredients. Our products take advantage of patented fermentation technology that creates a high protein ingredient without the anti-nutritional factors of other alternative protein sources. This process enables producers to lower their feed costs while improving operating metrics, such as survivability and growth.
 Our ingredients are responsibly sourced to protect the environment and improve sustainability.

In addition to producing powerful-plant based alternative protein ingredients, the AgTech Center is Prairie AquaTech’s 30,000 square foot research and development facility. This facility serves as the focal point for our continuous product development activities and aquatech accelerator services. With in-house feed manufacturing equipment, a state-of-the-art hatchery and multiple recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), of varying design and scale, and industry experts with decades of experience, the AgTech Center is home to our aquaculture accelerator program designed to help early stage entrepreneurs and academic innovators to bring their products and innovations to market.


Prairie AquaTech produces powerful plant-based alternative protein ingredients for terrestrial and aquatic species. Click the link below to learn more about our sustainable, responsibly sourced, and environmentally friendly ingredients.


Do you have an aquaculture related technology, new alternative feed ingredient, or an innovation to fill a gap in current aquaculture practices? If so, we can help you bring your vision to life with support from aquaculture industry and business experts, and help you to navigate the venture capital marketplace to develop and introduce your product to the market. Take advantage of our aquaculture experience and business experts to accelerate your success.


Prairie AquaTech continues to lead the way through our ongoing research and development of precision fermentation technology. Our unique platform and processes can be applied to a variety of source materials. Applying our proprietary precision fermentation to a variety of protein sources is central to our R&D and will result in a variety of new alternative proteins in the future.