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ME-PRO™ Powered!


ME-PRO™ Powered!


ME-PRO™ Powered!


ME-PRO™ Powered!


Plant Protein and Aquaculture

Prairie AquaTech's passion is to improve aquaculture health and nutrition.   The company is a team of internationally recognized scientists, highly experienced engineers and highly skilled employees focused on one thing:  the development of excellent plant-based products for Aquaculture.

Prairie AquaTech's flagship product, ME-PRO®, is a particularly powerful protein that allows fish food manufacturers to be less reliant on fish meal.  The result is a healthier fish, a more sustainable resource and excellent aquaculture operations.

Unmatched Resources, Positioned to Lead 

Prairie AquaTech has established a world-class technology development platform that consists of a leadership team with more than 200 years of collective industry experience, strategic partnerships across the entire supply chain, and the complete infrastructure of a 30,000 square foot pilot scale facility.   This facility includes biological processing systems, a feed mill, an analytical lab, a hatchery and commercial-grade recirculating aquaculture systems.  

Prairie AquaTech is positioned as an emerging leader in the global protein value chain with a mission to capitalize on an inefficient feed ingredient market and help secure the world’s food supply with sustainable products.

News & Research

News & Research Prairie AquaTech represents at important national aquaculture events

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News & Research ME-PRO to represent at GOAL 2018 in Guayaquil, Ecuador

ME-PRO® will be represented at the Global Aquaculture Alliance's "GOAL" 2018 conference. From the Global Aquaculture Alliance:...

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