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ME-PRO® - powerful protein for aquaculture feed!

Prairie AquaTech developed ME-PRO as a high quality, reliable protein ingredient for use in aquaculture feed.  ME-PRO protein extends the use of ordinary fishmeal and helps mitigate the challenges of relying on this (highly volitile and demanding) resource. 

As a plant-based (non GMO) based product, ME-PRO is highly sustainable.  However, the process behind refining ME-PRO results in an exceptionally high standard (70%) that is very nearly 100% digestible!  

Aquaculture Producer-Focused, Whole Foods® Market-Certified Feed Ingredients

ME-PRO ingredients are currently being used by leading aquaculture producers, including the largest trout producer for Whole Foods® Market. With 70% protein on an as fed basis, a supportive amino acid profile, and the highest palatability, digestibility, and growth comparatively, ME-PRO ingredients deliver healthier fish, higher profits, and cleaner environmental conditions for aquaculture producers.



ME-PRO® is a 70% protein ingredient with a supportive amino acid profile with very high palatability and digestiblity scores.  ME-PRO enhances growth performance as well as positive environmental conditions for the fish.

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ME-PRO® has been independently tested by feed manufacturers and producers as a superior ingredient to fish meal, other animal by-products, and plant protein concentrates currently used in animal feeds, based on its composition and performance.


A New Gold Standard

ME-PRO® consists of natural and traceable inputs that enable feed manufacturers and producers to attain industry sustainable certifications, such as Global G.A.P. and Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Best Aquaculture Practices, as well as consumer requirements.

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