Prairie AquaTech and Vietnam Food Join to Develop New Protein Sources

Prairie AquaTech and Vietnam Food Expand Collaboration

On August 12, 2021, Vietnam Food Industries Joint Stock Company (VNF) signed an official Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Prairie AquaTech on the strategic collaboration to develop novel products in the feed industry.


Working together these past years, VNF and Prairie AquaTech have realized a unique synergy exists between VNF's Shrimp-Based Peptides (SPH) and Prairie AquaTech's ME-PRO® as well as company values and the determination to innovate boldly.


In these unpredictable times, it is clear what is essential; that feed companies must continue advancing to provide nutrition for animals for the people. Feed safety for aquaculture and livestock assures a pathway to food security and health with the right approaches.


As the public becomes acutely aware of each industry's footprint, we must recognize that sustainable, protein-rich feed born from eco-friendly production is a global movement - one that will shape both the feed industry's next chapter and mark in history. With this shared vision, VNF and Prairie AquaTech believe that innovation will arise from opportunities explored and conquered together.


VNF's 'Shrimp-Based Functional Peptides (SPH)' is a revolutionary, Low Molecular Weight protein solution. Abundant in diverse bioactive peptides, VNF's Shrimp Peptides boost efficient protein digestion (including in offspring with underdeveloped digestive systems), reduce adverse health effects from stress, and offers water-soluble palatability and attractability for aquaculture and livestock - ultimately improving feed conversion rate (FCR) and animal health.


Prairie AquaTech's 'ME-PRO® (Microbially-Enhanced Protein)' is a unique plant-based protein made from traceable, locally sourced American soybean meal. Through a precise fermentation process, ME-PRO® has a protein content of more than 70% (as fed), with high digestibility of protein and amino acids, while reducing anti-nutrients and improving the bioavailability of phosphorus. ME-PRO® offers better nutrition and greater flexibility, thereby bringing valuable power back to the feed industry. ME-PRO® is a sustainable, environmentally friendly feed ingredient that offers powerful performance to support producers.


"We are entering an exciting point in the development of our relationship with VNF. The combination of our ingredients leads to a variety of novel protein ingredients not currently found in the market. These ingredients significantly contribute to sustainable food security for global markets." Mark Luecke, CEO of Prairie AquaTech.


Prairie AquaTech and VNF are committed to innovation and dedicated to improving sustainable food production to improve food security for the world. By blending the advantages of aquatic and plant protein, we can together offer a novel and powerful solution for the global feed industry unlike any other option on the market.

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