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Company Expansion Through Industry-Leading Partnership, First-in-Class Soy Biorefinery

Prairie AquaTech, South Dakota Soybean Processors, and other partners are financing the construction of a first-in-class “soy biorefinery” that will produce ME-PRO® and other high value products. The soy biorefinery has been engineered as a multi-purpose production facility also capable of producing more conventional soy protein concentrates, single cell proteins, and other high value products.

Manufacturing Plant Development Webcam

Pilot Plant in Brookings, South Dakota

Pilot Plant

The AgTech Center in Brookings, South Dakota is a 30,000 square foot pilot scale facility that enables sterile biological processing and upgrading of plant-based commodities, such as conventional and non-genetically modified soybean meal, to high quality feed ingredients in small and large reactors.



Aquatic Manufacturing Plant in Volga, SD

Manufacturing Plant

The 30,000-ton per year ME-PRO® manufacturing facility in Volga, South Dakota will be constructed as multi-purpose facility capable of producing multiple high value products, such as ME-PRO®, a more conventional 60% soy protein concentrate, and single cell protein products.


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