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Rapid Growth Projected Through Other Partnerships, Robust Product Development Pipeline

In addition to its partnership with SDSP to expand the production and sale of plant-based ME-PRO® ingredients in the global aquaculture market, Prairie AquaTech has established a world-class development platform of the right people, partners, and infrastructure, including a 30,000 square foot pilot scale facility to upgrade other sustainable, plant-based commodities and capitalize on an inefficient ingredient market.  The Company’s development pipeline includes industry-leading partnerships and products originating from distillers grain, single cell protein, and algae, in addition to species-specific starter and grower feed products and technologies that increase the productivity and sustainability of aquaculture farms.

Unmatched Industry Experience, Positioned to Lead in the Global Protein Value Chain

Prairie AquaTech’s leadership team has more than 200 years of collective industry experience in the engineering, construction, and operation of complex biological processing systems; aquaculture production, feed manufacturing, and new product sales; technology development and intellectual property management; debt and equity financing; and leading growth-oriented companies. The Company is positioned as an emerging leader in the global protein value chain with a mission to capitalize on an inefficient ingredient market and help secure the world’s food supply with sustainable products.


Feed Development

Prairie AquaTech’s "Pilot Plant" research and development facility consists of a boutique feed mill to enable the production of small feed batches (for testing) and ensuring quality control of large-scale operations.  Additionally, the Pilot Plant is used to develop additional uses from high quality soybeans.


Product Development

Soybeans are a remarkable example of nature's generosity—the little bean is a powerhouse of potential!  Prairie AquaTech is continually researching and testing new (but practical) uses from soybeans grown in the upper midwest.  Though Prairie AquaTech emphasizes soybean use in Aquaculture, the company is ever-mindful that other applications must be considered, too.  

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