At Prairie AquaTech, we understand that sustainability, traceability, and transparency are important to our industry. Our Certified Grower's Network is one example illustrating how we go the extra mile to protect consumers and our environment. From the field to your table, it is critical that we are good stewards of our environment and that we are committed to bringing the highest quality ingredients to the market.


Not all soybeans are created equal. The amount and quality of each strain of soybeans can vary significantly from one region to the next and is impacted by seed genetics, soil quality, and agronomic practices. Overall protein content is one variable, but the amino acid profiles are also important to consider. Protein content and an optimally balanced essential amino acid profile are not always positively correlated. It is important to evaluate each strain of soybean for overall protein content, and the amino acid profile to ensure the best varieties to source.


Starting with the best source materials is how we produce the best protein ingredients. We partner with select regional farmers that are committed to providing the highest quality soybeans. We work with them to select a high-quality seed strain. The farmers in our network are committed to sustainable agronomic practices that produce high quality crops but also protect the environment for generations to come.



Our Certified Grower Network is comprised of a select group of farmers in South Dakota. The farms are located within a two-hour radius of our carbon efficient biorefinery in Volga, South Dakota.

Soil Quality

The grassland prairies and glacial deposits have transformed South Dakota soil into some of the most fertile and productive soil in the United States. Combining high quality seed genetics, modern agronomics, and the high quality soil found in South Dakota produces a high quality source material that is the foundation for Prairie AquaTech’s microbially enhanced protein, ME-PRO®.


As part of our Certified Grower Network, the farms we partner with are committed to preserving the environment through modern agronomic practices. Farms in our network use non-GMO practices to protect the land while growing high quality crops. No tillage and no roundup pesticides are used by any farmer in our certified grower network. All crops accepted as part of this program are tested to ensure no chemical residue is present when harvested.



Soybeans from our Certified Grower Network have the oil extracted using an expeller press, which extracts oils without the use of chemicals.


Then, as part of our proprietary precision fermentation process, the soybean meal (SBM) goes through a three-step washing process to remove any contaminants that may have become present in transit from the processor.


As the SBM continues its journey, the hard to digest sugars are removed, leaving behind a high-quality, easy to digest protein ingredient that also carries a well-balanced essential amino acid profile. 


How it affects their diet.

We work with some of the world’s top animal nutritionists to conduct feed trials to further our understanding of the nutritional requirements of both production and companion animals. Through collaboration, we are able to create healthier animals. Healthier animals grow rapidly which increases return on investment for producers and extends the life of companion animals.

How it affects their health.

In recent trials, animals fed a diet including ME-PRO® were found to have increased resistance to several common diseases affecting producers.

How it affects their growth.

Every species has different nutritional requirements, which is why we partner with top nutritionists to identify proper inclusion levels of ME-PRO® in each formulation. ME-PRO® has performed well in trials across many different species, providing an alternative, scalable, and cost effective protein ingredient to many of the industries' legacy protein sources. Talk to one of our experts to explore how ME-PRO® would fit in your formulation.


The quality of the product.

Prairie AquaTech’s stringent sustainability and quality efforts translate into a high-quality, easily digestible protein ingredient that improves the health and growth of the animals.

How it affects our food.

ME-PRO® has a neutral color, flavor, and odor with no added fillers or coloring. As it is consumed by animals, it often contributes to a mild, less gamey flavor that is preferred by many consumers. The quality of our food is improved through the better health of the animals we consume.

How it affects the environment.

ME-PRO® is produced in a state-of-the-art, carbon efficient biorefinery. Prairie AquaTech is committed to sustainability not only at our commercial facilities, but throughout the sourcing process by partnering with the farms and processing plants where we source our soybean meal. These efforts enable us to be good stewards of the land and contribute to down-stream positive impacts to the environment for producers that use ME-PRO® in their feed formulation.


Sustainability drives everything we do at Prairie AquaTech. From working with farmers on implementing sustainable agronomic practices to operating a carbon efficient commercial biorefinery to partnering with aquaculture innovators to improve sustainability and animal health, Prairie AquaTech is driven to do our part.


From farm to plate, consumers desire to know their protein is harvested using sustainable, environmentally friendly practices and standards. At Prairie AquaTech, we are committed to making this desire a reality.


At every step of the process, from farm to plate, consumers deserve to know what went into the products they consume. At Prairie AquaTech, we are committed to opening a window into the chain that brought the food to your table. Our Certified Grower Network is an example of how we are committed to bringing transparency to the industry.