At Prairie AquaTech, we produce powerful plant-based nutritional ingredients. Our products take advantage of patented fermentation technology that creates a high protein ingredient without the anti-nutritional factors of other alternative protein sources. This process enables producers to lower their feed costs while improving operating metrics, such as survivability and growth. Our ingredients are responsibly sourced to protect the environment and improve sustainability. 


The manufacturing plant is a 45,000 square foot commercial scale facility.  It’s capable of producing up to 30,000 tons of ME-PRO annually, pre-engineered to expand to 60,000 tons with minimal investment, and is centrally located for efficient access to road, rail and ports for global distribution.


Prairie AquaTech was founded with the mission to provide better ingredients for better feed and food.


We adhere closely to our company values of safety, quality, respect, transparency, and innovation.


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Sustainability, as a practice and ideal, is foundational to Prairie AquaTech! As an ingredient innovator and manufacturer of feed ingredients, Prairie AquaTech has identified three crucial areas that guide the company’s Sustainability vision:

1. Source

2. Performance

3. Environment


Our Certified Grower's Network is one example illustrating how we go the extra mile to protect consumers and our environment.


At Prairie AquaTech, we are home to a variety of talent and equipment that provides us with a unique landscape to provide alternative proteins to the world as well as help entrepreneur and academics bring their products to market. Click to learn more about how our team and facilities are set up to improve your success.